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Selected publications from 2007 to 2004 can be downloaded below by clicking on the appropriate link. Looking for a publication from another year? Click here to return to the publication index page.


Laski, E. V., & Siegler, R. S. (2007). Is 27 a big number? Correlational and causal connections among numerical categorization, number line estimation, and numerical magnitude comparison. Child Development, 76, 1723-1743.

Opfer, J. E., & Siegler, R. S. (2007). Representational change and children’s numerical estimation. Cognitive Psychology, 55, 169-195.

Siegler, R. S. (2007). Cognitive variability. Developmental Science, 10, 104-109.


Booth, J. L. & Siegler, R. S. (2006). Developmental and individual differences in pure numerical estimation. Developmental Psychology, 41, 189-201.

Siegler, R. S., & Svetina, M. (2006). What leads children to adopt new strategies? A microgenetic/cross sectional study of class inclusion. Child Development, 77, 997-1015.


Siegler, R. S. (2005). Children’s learning. American Psychologist, 60, 769-778.

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Siegler, R. S., & Booth, J. L. (2005). Development of numerical estimation: A review. In J. I. D. Campbell (Ed.), Handbook of mathematical cognition (pp 197-212). Boca Ratan, FL: CRC Press.


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Siegler, R. S. (2004). U-shaped interest in U-shaped development–and what it means. Journal of Cognition and Development, 5, 1-10.

Siegler, R. S. & Booth, J. L. (2004). Development of numerical estimation in young children. Child Development, 75, 428-444.

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