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Siegler Lab at Columbia University

The Siegler Lab is dedicated to ongoing research into how theoretical understanding of mathematical development can be applied to improving children’s math learning.

Lab Members

Lauren Schiller

Lauren is a doctoral candidate at Teachers College Columbia University in the Cognitive Studies in Education program. She completed her M.Ed. in Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education and her B.S. in Special and Elementary Education at Boston University.  For the last few years, Lauren has managed research projects in schools across several different countries. She has also worked as a research assistant in labs at Harvard, NYU, and Teachers College related to mathematics and cognition. Lauren has been invited to facilitate professional development workshops for hundreds of teachers and present on her research in various conference settings. Prior to graduate work, Lauren implemented mathematics/reading interventions for students with disabilities and taught literacy and ethics at urban schools in Boston. Her major research interests include rational number instruction, mathematical difficulties and disabilities, teacher/student estimation ability, and young children’s number sense.”

Jiwon Ban

Jiwon Ban is the full-time Lab Manager and Research Associate of Dr. Siegler’s lab. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Psychology with a Developmental Concentration and a Minor in Hispanic Studies. While exploring different career paths during her time at CMU (e.g., interning at the university-affiliated laboratory preschool, volunteering at a youth psychiatric hospital, and working as a research assistant in a cognitive development lab), she discovered her passion for both research and clinical experiences. During her time at Teachers College, Columbia University, she hopes to learn the ins and outs of research before applying to graduate programs.

Shawn Ling

Shawn Ling is a MA candidate at Teachers College Columbia University in the Cognitive Science in Education program. He completed his B.A. in Finance at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. At Dr. Siegler’s Lab, he is currently serving as the lab manager, working on the technical aspects of the lab.

Alexander McBurney

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Colleen Oppenzatto

Colleen runs a weekly Math Journal Reading Group, please email her at if you are interested in joining.

Ao Fan

Ao Fan (Frances) is a master student at Teachers College Columbia University in the Developmental Psychology program. She is also a member of the Siegler Lab at Columbia University. She graduated from Queens College, City University of New York with a B.A. in Media Studies and a Minor in Business and Liberal Arts. Her major research interests include children’s mathematical development, rational number understanding, educational intervention, and children’s cognitive development.

Frances is a certified Parenting Effectiveness Training instructor. She is also interested in different parenting styles, and their impact on children’s development.

Guofu Ma

Guofu Ma is a part-time Research Assistant of Dr. Siegler’s lab at Columbia University. He just finished his M.A. in cognitive science in education program at Teachers College Columbia, and he has obtained a MPhil in Physics in HKUST with 3 semesters TA experience. His major research interests include Physics Education in general, epistemological understanding about the nature of physics and assessment development and evaluation.

Casey Flynn

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Previous Members

Zhongyu Li

Zhongyu (Lizzy) is a first year student in the Developmental Psychology Master’s program. Previosly, she worked in the Human Color Vision Perception Lab, the Early Childhood Cognition Lab in University of Washington and Languae Cognition Lab here in TC. Her current research interest involves how children develop their language, numerical thinking and other higher mental processes.

Jing Tian

Jing Tian is a post-doc researcher in Dr. Siegler’s lab. Jing received her B.S. in Chemistry and Psychology from Peking University in 2013 and completed her Ph.D. in Psychology under the supervision of Dr. Siegler at Carnegie Mellon University in 2018. She is interested in children’s learning of mathematical concepts. Her research examines various aspects of difficulty that children experience when learning rational numbers. A major goal of her research is to provide insights for more effective rational number instruction.

Terra Treasure

Terra Treasure, who has a B.A. degree in History with a minor in English, has been a life long learner. As Dr. Siegler’s Research Coordinator, she has learned various software programs as need be to accomplish projects assigned to her. Her goal is to keep things running smoothly for Dr. Siegler so he can concentrate on his teaching and research. When not on the job, Terra enjoys creating digital pictures.

Soo-Hyun Im

Soo-hyun Im is a post-doc researcher in Dr. Siegler’s lab. Soo-hyun was a former elementary school teacher in Seoul, South Korea. He completed his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (minor: Cognitive Science) under the supervision of Dr. Sashank Varma at the University of Minnesota in 2018. He is interested in identifying cognitive factors and math-specific skills that predict individual differences in mathematical achievement. His major research topics include young children’s number sense, elementary students’ strategy use in arithmetic, and people’s understanding of rational numbers.

Reem Allatas

Reem Allatas is a MA candidate at Teachers College Columbia University in the Cognitive Science in Education program.

She completed her BA in Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley, where she first-hand explored the connection between theories of cognition and student learning by directly engaging with students through math tutoring and teaching.

Upon graduating from UC Berkeley, Reem returned to her hometown Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to continue working in education through academic support services at Effat University. She held an assistant position at the Enhancement Programs and Centers unit, and worked as a non-academic instructor for the Effat Ambassadors

Luxi Wang

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